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Espresso is certainly good, but not all families can have the money and space to have an espresso machine. Therefore, more coffee lovers will choose to use a moka pot. A moka pot is convenient, just fill it with hot water and ground coffee, then place it on the heating unit and wait for your coffee.

Selecting fresh, good quality coffee is a must. Grind before boiling to retain the full flavor, no need to fill the pressure, and grind with a coarseness comparable to that of hand-pressed coffee.

Add boiling hot water to the lower pot of the moka pot to shorten the time it takes for the moka pot to heat up, allowing less time for the flavor of the coffee to dissipate and less burnt bitterness, as the coffee powder does not stay heated on the stove top.

When the hot water comes to a boil, turn off the heat. When all the extraction is done, pour the coffee into the cup as soon as possible.

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