Is your toilet paper holder too boring? Take a look at these three

“Often, the toilet paper holder is rarely considered or designed on its own,” says the famous designer, “but we interact with it every day.”

Today, we’ve selected three of the many options available to inspire your washroom.

Maybe tomorrow your bathroom will be a little more interesting thanks to a toilet paper holder. Everyone can be a toilet designer.

Is your toilet paper holder too boring? Take a look at these three插图removable toilet paper towel holder with mobile phone holder BR95902A

Wall mounted paper holder comes with a phone holder that fits most phone sizes, so you can place your phone on it and completely free your hands. And this rack is large enough, with the edges curving upwards, to safely hold other items such as, soap, Kleenex, small ornaments, air fresheners, books, newspapers or other things without sliding down, keeping them neat and tidy, handy in spacious or small bathrooms. Also this shelf will protect your rolls of paper from splashing water and keep them dry.

Is your toilet paper holder too boring? Take a look at these three插图1Matte Black Finished Color Standing Toilet Paper Holder Storage For Bathroom TH84

Design:Perfectly smooth, high-quality matte black finish resists daily scratches, corrosion and loss of shine.Open design makes changing rolls quick and easy. A short pin at the end of the arm prevents the paper roll from slipping off.

With the sturdy base, you can easily place the toilet paper holder anywhere without tipping it over.

Save space – this floor tissue holder stores multiple tissues for easy use.

Easy to install – no drilling required! Simply screw in and attach the toilet paper holder bracket to the heavy duty base in minutes.

Is your toilet paper holder too boring? Take a look at these three插图2Metal Wire Free-Standing Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Storage Shelf Bathroom Accessories BMA PH141

This paper roll storage shelf is a stand-up design with raised feet, which keeps toilet paper away from the bathroom floor, keeping it clean and dry, and also keeps it more secure.

The bronze-colored chrome-plated iron wire design enhances the style of the entire toilet paper holder and improves the anti-rust function more effectively.

You can save a lot of time because no tools are required to install them, and it is so lightweight that it can be easily moved anywhere in the bathroom.

No need to worry about running out of toilet paper as this product comes with a dispenser for 1 roll and 3 spare toilet storage racks.

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