Factory direct wholesale heat diffuser plat, Making glass cookware work on induction cooktop

Do you want to use your beautiful glass cookware on an induction cooktop?

This heat diffuser plat (induction plate) allows you to use all your regular pans on an induction surface.You can use it for all of your kitchen pots (cast iron pot, enamel pot, coffee pot, glass pot, iron pot, stainless steel pot, aluminum pot and ceramic pot and so on)

This heat diffuser plate (induction plate) is made of three layer composite steel, the upper and lower layers are stainless steel, while the middle is aluminum to make the plate had better thermal conductivity.

The heat diffuser plate not only makes your induction cooker more widely available, but also has other advantages.
1、It protects pots and pans from being blackened and heated more evenly when cooking with an open flame.
2、Some pots and pans can not use induction or gas stove because the bottom area is too small, can be used with induction plate normal.
3、It can be used to defrost food.

Note for use.
1, Non-flat-bottomed pots and pans cannot be used.
2, The heat diffuser plate must be used with pots and pans, can not be used alone.
3, The heat diffuser plate still has residual heat after use, please do not touch or clean immediately.
4, Some models with plastic handles can not be used on the gas stove.

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